Fidelity Sportswear Owl circa 1950

Fidelity Sportswear has been manufacturing American outerwear since 1941. We take pride in our craft and engineer each garment to last a lifetime.

This garment care page is intended to give you the resources you need to maintain your Fidelity garment for many decades to come. The information provided is a combination of our own experience working with woolen outerwear for over 70 years, the advise of our textile suppliers and our most trusted dry cleaning service, Carters Cleaners

For a thorough cleaning, we recommend that you dry clean your Fidelity garment at the end of each cold season. 

To maintain the integrity of your woolen garment throughout the season, it is recommended that you hang your garment when not in use.  Wool is naturally soil resistant and most surface debris can simply be brushed off.  For a quick refresher, hang your woolen garment in a steamy bathroom and the vapors will soften wrinkles.  Never place your woolen garment directly next to heat.  To release serious wrinkles or creases, iron your garment while inside-out on the “wool” setting and apply constant steam.  Press and lift the iron.  Do not slide the iron.  Never place iron directly onto the wool surface.  To preserve the texture and nap of the wool, always have a piece of cloth between the iron and your woolen garment.

Store your Fidelity garment in an airtight container.  Wool is susceptible to moths and insects and it is recommended that you store your clean, sealed garment in cool storage to minimize the chance of insect infestation.



The American Sheep Industry Association, based in Englewood, CO, offers a care guide for woolen garments in their Fast Fact Sheet, Care of Wool.
Although many of the following stain removal techniques may work well, we recommend dry cleaning for serious stains.  Home remedies can compound a problem and make it difficult for your neighborhood dry cleaner to remove the stain.  Please proceed with caution.  No guarantees of stain removal are expressed or implied.


Alcohol or Food | Place towel under area. Gently rub carbonated water toward center of the spot over the stain.

Blood | Blot with common starch paste and rinse from back with soapy water.

Burning Cigarette | Brush off ash.

Butter and Grease | Sponge with dry cleaning solvent.

Chewing Gum | Scrape and sponge with dry cleaning solvent.

Chocolate | Sponge with soapy cold water.

Coffee or Tea | Sponge with glycerine.  If none available, use warm water.

Egg | Scrape and sponge with soapy cold water.

Glue | Sponge with alcohol.

Ink | Immerse in cold water.

Iodine | Treat with cool water followed by alcohol.

Iron Rust | Sponge with weak solution of oxalic acid until stain disappears. Then sponge carefully with household ammonia and rinse with cold water.

Lipstick | May often be erased by rubbing white bread over area with a firm gentle motion.

Mud | Once dry, brush and sponge from back with soapy cold water.

Tar, Road Oil | Sponge with dry cleaning solvent or degreaser.

Wine, red | Immerse in cold water.