1950’s original Fidelity Factory

The original Fidelity factory was established over 70 years ago in a 3500 square foot loft in downtown Boston, Massachusetts.  The company began as a simple manufacturing space in the South End conceived by Joe Menino & Anthony Burnetta, two craftsmen who made high quality wool & leather outerwear.  The duo was quickly joined by Edward Webber. In 1961, Anthony Burnetta left the business and Ed joined Joe as an official partner of Fidelity Sportswear Company, Ed eventually took over the business.

Ed introduced his sons, Gerald & Stewart, to outerwear factory production early on.  In the 1980’s, the factory was relocated to Everett, MA, just minutes away from downtown Boston, to accommodate the company’s growth. Fidelity Sportswear had remained in this 85,000 square foot location under the supervision of Gerald and Stewart Webber until 2015. Gerry and Stu decided it was time to consider retiring and they sold the business to Sterlingwear of Boston.

That same year, Sterlingwear, established in 1965 and owned by the Fredella family moved operations to their East Boston, Ma location.  The Sterlingwear factory is a state of the art manufacturing facility producing garments for all divisions of the United States military.

Fidelity manufacturing facility after acquisition by Sterlingwear

The family business has evolved over the years, but Fidelity Sportswear’s commitment to quality, USA Made garments has never wavered.  Fidelity produces outerwear made of wool and fabrics sourced from North American producers when available. Fidelity offers two wholesale programs,  stock with a relaxed fit, and the Fashion Collection offering American outerwear with a modern fashionable fit, details and branding.  The Fidelity Sportswear collections, maintain the quality and many of the details from the factory’s days of working for the military, however the fit and design of the garments has been adapted to current fashion fits.  Staying true to the factory’s heritage,  the entire production process takes place in a factory in Boston, Massachusetts.