Scandinavia | Q&A w/ Anders Mortensen

Motorcycle rider. Coffee aficionado. And distributor of Fidelity Sportswear in Europe. Anders Mortensen is the founder of Brand Unit and a man with many talents. We were so pleased he had a moment out of his busy day to catch us up on life, work and fashion in Copenhagen.


Tell us a little about Brand Unit. How and when was the company formed?
I’ve always had a passion for clothing with roots in American tradition and work wear, so the company’s foundation is that I wanted to sell brands that are iconic and everlasting. It has taken a long time to build this brand portfolio we have today – and I’m proud of represent every single [one] of them.
Your motto is “Quality, Utility & Freedom.” What does that mean to you?
Quality is what we do and the brands we represent, while utility means that it’s very important for us, that the customers can use our products for several purposes.  For us freedom is the quality in classic, everlasting brands. Our products don’t depend on fashion, and we wanna give our customers the freedom to go out and enjoy, because there are more fun things to do, than worry about what’s hot right now.  It is our vision that the 3 words go hand in hand with everything we do and say, and this is the values we wanna sell to our retailers and what we like them to pass on in their customers.


Brand Unit launched a photo campaign last year for Fidelity Sportswear. Can you share with us more about the shoot?
We wanted to show our version of the brand. Our customers like American quality and we wanted to give them this in a European way.




The model for the campaign is part of Wrenchmonkees. How did this come about?
We are worldwide distributors of the Wrenchmonkees collection WMAC, and we chose on of the founders as the model, because his attitude and look is how we see Fidelity from a European perspective.



You have many side interests including motorcycles & coffee. What are some of your personal passions and business ventures?
I have a passion for coffee and started a coffee shop 7 years ago that I have with my girlfriend. I just started to ride a motorcycle and for me it’s the best way to relax.
What was your best selling Fidelity items this year? What was your favorite?
The Classic Pea Coat, CPO and the Deck Jacket are our favorites.

The Brand Unit headquarters are in Copenhagen, but the company covers a good part of Europe. What other areas do you represent?
In the beginning it was only Scandinavia but since it has developed into most of Europe. Markets have become small for the brands we want to sell, so we need to have larger areas to sell it in, in order to maintain a selective distribution.
Can you share with us a little about living in Denmark? What are some of your favorite things to do in Copenhagen?
Denmark is a small country with only five million people. We are surrounded by the sea, and we have very changing seasons with a cold and dark winter which is replaced by long and light summer days. In the summer I can’t think of a better place to stay than in Copenhagen.  Around midsummer the daylight is here until 11 o’clock in the evening, and everybody is out on the streets, boats are sailing in the harbor and after a long walk in the city you can find a nice restaurant where you can eat your food outside.


A million thank you’s to Anders of Brand Unit. For more information on Anders and his work, please visit his website.