Authentic Outerwear Proudly Made in the USA

Fidelity Sportswear, established in 1941, is an American Outerwear Manufacturing Company, family owned and operated. This business is based on American traditions and founded in Boston, Massachusetts. In 2016, Fidelity celebrated 75 years of American Craftsmanship  valuing our manufacturing history, and a military heritage which continues present day.

1941- Fidelity Sportswear was established as a simple outerwear manufacturing operation, in Boston, making quality wool and leather garments.

Early 1940’s – 1960’s – During the war, the government controlled material usage and our manufacturing was dedicated to the war effort. The original Fidelity Coats were the USN peacoat and the bomber jacket which were manufactured for the US Navy and Air Force during World War II. After the war, we resumed our small scale operation.

1960’s to 1980’s – Fidelity introduced a Made in the USA, leather and wool fashion collection for large retail stores.

1990’s – Global manufacturing started having impacts on the market, and while many garment companies shifted their operations overseas, Fidelity developed and reintroduced a commercial edition of the USN peacoat Made in the USA.

Mid 2000’s – Fidelity launched fashion collections for the global market and became established as an international brand Made in the USA. Men’s and Ladies Outerwear collections included peacoats, duffle coats, blazers, cpo’s, and deck jackets.

2015 – Fidelity Sportswear, came under the proprietorship of Sterlingwear of Boston, also an American manufacturing company. Established in 1965, Sterlingwear Manufacturing is family owned and operated, and a supplier for all divisions of the US Military, including the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines.

2016 – We celebrated 75 years, the acquisition of Fidelity by Sterlingwear Manufacturing led to a year of opportunity, vision and growth for the Fidelity Collections.

The Future – Anchored with tradition and heritage. Fidelity is now coupled with state of the art manufacturing and broader authentic knowledge. Fidelity will progress with expansions in product development, sourcing, and marketing while continuing our legacy and heritage as a true American garment developer and manufacturer.

Fidelity Sportswear will continue to offer classic street style outerwear, Made in the USA with Quality American Craftsmanship.