Fidelity Sportswear was established in 1941 in Boston, Massachusetts as a military supplier to the US Navy. The Present day owner is Sterlingwear of Boston, a family owned company, with an extensive history in military manufacturing.

The company’s previous proprietors were the Webber brothers,  run by Gerald and Stewart, both who had been involved with the company since their youth. Their father, Edward Webber, was an original partner in the American outerwear company and worked with his sons in the factory in their teenage years. The brothers maintained a hands-on approach and had remained active in all areas of the company. To this day, all manufacturing takes place in Boston, Massachusetts.

The Gerald & Stewart collection was launched by Fidelity Sportswear 15 years ago in Japan to satisfy a need for quality, American Made outerwear with a fashionable fit. With distinct roots in Naval inspired details of the past, the collection includes adaptations of the classic Pea Coat, Duffel Coat, Deck Jacket, Naval Bridge Coat, Cape, CPO Jacket and many more. Each wool coat is constructed with the quality and integrity of American craftsmanship out of specialty Wool Melton.

The company has evolved dramatically over the past 70 years, however the trim and buttons used today are the same quality and style that have been in use since 1941. Fidelity Sportswear took off in Japan and is consistently carried by specialty stores, including Beams, United Arrows & Journal Standard.

The collection was introduced to Europe in 2008 and is carried by specialty stores in Norway (Høyer), Sweden (Unionville | C Store) Italy (Marco Serafini), Paris (Colette | Centre Commercial), London (Present | Asos | Peggs & Son), Russia (Fott).

In 2010, Fidelity Sportswear was launched in the United States and was quickly picked up by Barney’s New York, Steven Alan, Save Khaki and Penelope’s. With Fidelity’s commitment to made in USA, you can rest assured that you are selecting high quality garments available only to exclusive stores worldwide.



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